In1970, Don entered the field of architectural design in Seattle. After four years of graduate school majoring in Philosophy of Art (Aesthetics) and Fine Arts in Ceramics and Sculpture, he decided to go in a different direction. He drew on his experience as a draftsman and technical illustrator for NASA to design a new dental office for his brother in Bremerton, Washington. Thus, a career in dental office design had begun. Don has since completed over 300 medical/dental projects.

In 1980, a client asked him to design a new residence. His career then took a providential turn and, though he continued to design medical and dental facilities, he became increasingly interested in residential architecture and design. A keen interest and proficiency in cooking naturally gravitated Don toward kitchen design. In 1990, he opened Tiburon Kitchen and Bath in Tiburon, California.

In 2004, he moved to Sonoma, California and changed the showroom name to Cabernet Kitchen and Bath. Don continues to do upscale residential architectural design and has completed numerous projects throughout California where his creative skills and inventive designs are constantly in demand. His thorough knowledge of the culinary arts combined with his ability to provide ingenious home designs results in projects which completely amaze his clients and impress their guests.

A key to Don’s success is the ability to listen to and understand the desires of his clients. He is very competent and confident working in a wide range of styles. Let Don show you how rewarding cooking a gourmet meal in a new kitchen and discovering the possibilities of new appliances can be.

Don works with clients in Sonoma, Napa, and the Bay Area of Northern California. Call him today to help make your dream space become the reality you live in!

(707) 933-8601