Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen remodel in Sonoma or Napa, CA, but not sure where to find the right company to share your vision and give you the outcome you desire?

Don Gross Design Associates focuses on custom kitchen cabinet remodeling that is both functional and detailed, and demonstrates the quality you're expecting. Redesigning a kitchen can be a daunting task that seems like it will never be finished - unless you leave it to the professionals.

Don Gross will capture your vision, execute the remodel design and present you with a kitchen that you'll enjoy creating memories in while hosting friends and family.

Specialty Cabinet Designs

Specialty Cabinet Designs

Need cabinets beyond the kitchen? We can help you dream up the perfect storage solution:

Laundry room cabinets
Storage cabinets
Workshop cabinets
Garage cabinets
and- a Napa favorite- Wine cellars!

All of our cabinets are custom, never pre-fabricated, and always high-quality. Most importantly, they are designed to fit your space, maximize your storage room, and help you stay organized.

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